Meet the Team

Executive Director & Chaplain

Kate McGee


The Boarding Homes Ministry community welcomed Kate McGee as Executive Director and Chaplain in January 2018. Kate worked with BHM for 3 years as a student chaplain under Rodger Hunter’s mentorship. Kate brings to BHM a specialty in the spiritual care of people with lived experience of mental illness, cultivated through years of work as a multi-faith hospital chaplain in both inpatient and outpatient psychiatric settings. Kate has also offered spiritual care in nursing homes, homeless shelters and women’s shelters. Reverence and regard for the person are the cornerstones of Kate’s vocation to chaplaincy.

Kate is a Registered Psychotherapist in Ontario, and a member of the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care. She attends the First Narayever Congregation, a Jewish community in downtown Toronto.

Board of Directors

Kim Oliver 

Ministry Chair 

The Rev. Matthew Sams


The Rev. Candice Bist


Dr. Margaret Lavin


Karleigh Herbst


The Rev. Dr. Pamela McCarroll


Boarding Homes Ministry,  

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Toronto, ON M5J 1W9